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│    │  │─│ │─  │┬┘  │  │─┤
┘─┘ └┴┘ │─┘ ┴─┘ │└┘  ┘  ┘ │

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└─┘ ┘ │ ──┘ ┘ │

    aims to be a community run IRC server running serving as a safe space for the discussion and dissemination
of various topics under the umbrella of Science, Philosophy, Politics etc and a general place to hang back and idle away.




    -Repeated harassment of any network user.
    -Distribution of child pornography.
    -Dealing of goods and using the network as a space for commericial operations.
    -Any denial of service against the network or its users.
    -Use of our network resources or services for malicious intent.
    -Connecting to the network for any reason using a compromised machine, including as a proxy or loading trojans or bots.
    -Unwanted advertisement of websites, IRC network, or channels (also known as spamming).
    -Evading bans, either those placed by network staff or by individual channels.
    -Impersonation of network staff or services.
    -Connecting through open proxies.
    -Any other behavior deemed inappropriate by network staff.

Connection Details:

Hostnames are cryptographically cloaked so that your IP address information is not visible to others.
It is still visible to server administrators.
To connect configure your IRC client as follows:

Host:       irc.liberta.casa
Port:       6697
SSL/TLS:    True
Channel:    #libcasa #libcasa.info

You can also use a web-client here.

If you would like to anonymize the connection against the administrators,
you can access the network via TOR:

Host:     cr36xbvmgjwnfw4sly4kuc6c3ozhesjre3y5pggq5xdkkmbrq6dz4fad.onion
Port:   6667
SSL/TLS:  False
SASL:   Required for logins
Channel:  #libcasa #libcasa.info

type /list for more channels.

Account registration FAQ

1. How do I register my nickname / account?

Use this command, substituting your desired password and e-mail address:

/msg NickServ register mySecretPassword

You can also register on this page here

Once you register your nick it becomes your account name. It is the name with which you are expected to login.

2. How do I authenticate to my nickname?

You should enable SASL in your client. For clients like Hexchat the Username field needs to be populated with the name that you registered.

If your client doesn't support SASL, there are potential workarounds;
you may be able to script your client to authenticate to NickServ
automatically, with `/msg NickServ identify nickname password`.

Ask in #help for support with this.

3. What are the benefits of registering my nickname?

The primary benefit of nickname registration is that the server can act
as an "IRC bouncer" on your behalf. Specifically:

  a. No one else will be able to use your nickname
  b. If all your clients are configured to use SASL, they can all use the same
     nickname (as though they were connected to the same ZNC instance)
  c. Optionally, the server can keep you present on the server even if
     you have no connected clients. To enable this, use the following command:
     `/msg NickServ set always-on true`
  d. You will be able to receive history playback (see below).

You can also request a vhost (i.e., a fake hostname that will be displayed
in place of your cloaked IP-based hostname), using the command
`/msg HostServ request desired.vhost`. An operator will review this request
(and most likely grant it).

4. History Playback.

typing the command /quote History #channel 1h will give you 1hr of history playback for that channel.